Silvia Cantini

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Mi prendo cura dei vostri progetti dalla a alla z. Studiamo insieme tutte le vostre esigenze per rendere unico e indimenticabile il vostro giorno.

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Silvia Cantini

about me

My name is Silvia Cantini and my passion has always been to organize dinners, shows and events, putting people at ease in contexts where every detail is designed to make the celebrated moment unforgettable. It is thus that after completing my studies at the Art Institute of Florence, I undertook a path of deepening the most important aspects of wedding celebrations, in order to make the important moments of your life magical. My passion and sensitivity for the floral world inspired me in the preparation of my compositions, obtaining poetic and delicate suggestions. Every single aspect is made possible thanks to the confidential relationship in which my clients involve me, thus allowing me to turn their dreams into joyful and enchanting realities.

Silvia Cantini

Wedding and event planner

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When it comes to a perfect wedding, what matters is also a small detail. Let your day be unforgettable with extraordinary event planning, menu organization, decorations and more.

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The Big Day

Art is beauty, the perpetual invention of details, the choice of words, the careful care in execution.

Théophile Gautier

We will choose every detail of your wedding together, because the originality of each event is not based on the ego but on us.

We will help you organize your happy event in the best way, letting you enjoy the most enjoyable and fun aspects!

We will guide you in every phase of the planning of your ``Birthday``, so that will be a special party.

We offer companies support in the organization of events, guaranteeing maximum originality in setting up and entertainment.

If you want to surprise her and make that moment the most romantic of your life, we will find the perfect solution together!